Genres: Action
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Hundreds of years of conflict and hatred, each race pitted against the other. This is the war for Nosgoth, a war for supremacy and for survival.

Join the war between Vampires and Humans using each race's unique fighting style to conquer and crush the opposition.


  • RANGED VS. MELEE - Experience intense, fast-paced and devastating melee versus ranged combat with Nosgoth's unique asymmetrical gameplay
    FIGHT AS A TEAM - Fight in team-based battles where tactics and teamwork are essential for survival
  • PREY ON THE ENEMY - Become the ultimate apex predator as you take to the sky, traverse the environment at incredible speed and pounce on your victims
  • WAR FOR NOSGOTH - Choose your side and fight for legendary Battle Artifacts in a live war between Humans and Vampires
  • FIGHT TO THE DEATH - Rip your enemies apart or burn them to the ground, there are no heroes in Nosgoth
  • DARK FANTASY - Revisit the dark fantasy world of the Legacy of Kain series and experience the human and vampire struggle first-hand
  • E-SPORTS - Prove your skills as you compete against the top players in the world in official eSports leagues