Soaked in slick graphic novel-style visuals, No More Heroes 2 is clever, mature and further validates the series' reputation as one of the most original and unique games on the Wii. The story follows Travis Touchdown who now finds himself the 51st ranked assassin - placed at the bottom of the UAA (United Assassins Association) table. He has to fight his way back to the top, while seeking revenge for the murder of his best friend.


  • Fight your way back up to the number one rank against 50 of the most original, deadly and downright crazy assassins you will ever see.
  • Hack and slash your way through enemy ranks with six types of beam katana.
  • Jump directly into the action thanks to a new navigation interface. Feel the speed of riding your bike in uniquely designed missions.
  • Expect deadlier opponents, improved AI and more over-the-top combat.
  • Unleash your inner power thanks to five special Dark Force moves, including the outrageous Tiger metamorphosis.
  • Master up to 13 devastating wrestling moves to defeat your opponents in close combat.