OK from the above heading you can perhaps guess that this is aimed at a) the true N.C.I.S fan. It's unlikely a casual gamer will pick this one up, and if they do, if they are expecting an action packed third person shooter with maybe car chases thrown in to spice things up are going to be disappointed. Instead this offers an experience very much like the shows main rival on the networks and likewise in games, C.S.I. Indeed you will visit locations, collect evidence, do ballistic tests, check for fingerprints, perform autopsies (in a way), interrogate suspects and so forth. And that sort of really sums up the game. It runs over 4 cases that they say are original BUT I am sure that at least some elements have been taken from TV episodes. So do you get the 'true' N.C.I.S experience? In a nut shell, no. It lacks a lot of things that could have made this stand out from the C.S.I games. N.C.I.S is a 'cop' show yes, and has a bit more action in it than C.S.I (perhaps the action quota comes closest with C.S.I Miami) but there are, as said, no gunfights, no car chases to pep things up. And here comes gripe number one, unlike C.S.I NONE of the shows regular cast do voice performances apart from David McCallum as Doctor Mallard. The rest are impersonated and with the exception of Abby and Ziva, the impressions are well, poor. So too are the likenesses based on the TV characters. McGee and Dinozo come off the worse. They look and sound NOTHING like the real thing. Gibbs's sound-a-like is close but does not quite hit the mark, same can be said for his appearance in the game. (check the pictures captured and you may see what I mean). On the plus side, controls are easy to master, and on the minus side, so are the cases. Sorry but the cases are really really simple to crack and once past the four there is nothing else to do. Each case can be cracked in 45 minutes to an hour and without any downloadable new cases on offer the whole thing will take roughly 4 hours to complete. It's a shame, I LOVE N.C.I.S and I thought that this could make a great game, but alas it falls way short of great and falls well in the middle of mediocre. It's repetitive to the extreme and well, it's not worth 20 pounds plus. If you really really like the show then perhaps you should buy it, but be prepared for more than possible disappointment. This could have been so much more and much better. If you like this kind of game then I say stick with the C.S.I series. The cases on those games are more challenging and have more variety on offer. If they do a sequel of this title, then please, let's have some meat on the bones of the game.There's a lack of variety and once completed there is no reason as to why you would want to go through it again. One for die hard fans only. I suspect that this will soon find it's way into the bargain buckets in stores across the country. Very, very disappointing and on the whole, a lack lustre product.