The story begins in New York harbour and tells the story of the Allied submariner effort against Axis forces across the key naval warzones of the conflict. Players will captain an arsenal of carefully recreated U.S. Naval submarines against enemy ships whilst assaults from both above and below the water's surface are controlled by sophisticated A.I., so that game play will adapt to incoming assaults.

Players will need a healthy dose of stealth and cunning as well as sharp-shooting deck gun and torpedo skills to successfully destroy the enemy fleets in the 30 missions. In Naval Assault: The Killing Tide, players will need to use sonar to establish enemy ship types, alertness and attack range; all essential for dodging mines, sneaking past enemy ships and intercepting vital transmissions that can be the difference between life and death in the murky depths.


  • Vertical Axis of combat: navigate the depths of the ocean and use your torpedoes to annihilate enemy warcraft and supply ships or break the surface to destroy enemy ships and planes with your powerful deck guns

  • Varied and exciting action gameplay: dodge mines, sneak past enemy ships, use sonar, intercept transmissions, and engage in dramatic combat

  • Competitive online play: players battle each other for control of various radio transmitter markers placed on the map

  • Deadly vessels: command various classic, realistic WWII submarines with different strengths and take out enemy vessels from tankers to destroyers whilst fending off the hordes of enemy planes