Fight back against the Nanocorp corporation in this cyberpunk RTS. As you discover their evil machinations, you decide to take a stand for humanity. Forget about saving the world, can you even save yourself?

A new megacorp in town
Eden City, 2X63. Nanocorp has enjoyed a meteoric rise. Their latest product: Bliss, a liquid vial that allows the user to experience pure euphoria without addiction. Contrary to similar products, it doesn't even require a neurolink, making it popular to both people on the street and the high society.

A botched mission
Nanocorp has hired your security team to take out an illegal street lab attempting to produce Bliss counterfeits. You can shoot on sight. Copyright infringement is punishable by death anyway. The operation went south, and you saw things that you shouldn't have seen.

Betrayed by your employer
Nanocorp determined that you know too much, you've become a liability. They order your immediate extermination at any cost. Fight for your survival against waves of robots and guns for hire looking to make a quick buck by erasing any trace of your existence.