Lost Kingdom - Uld

As a result of a war that lasted the whole era to take possession of the power of chaos of Discordia, the memory of the ancient kingdom, Uld, gradually vanished. A magical storm took Uld apart, twisting the world of reality and caused conflicts among civilizations. The wilderness was then crowded with transformed beasts. However, somewhere lays a treasure which holds the power to rebuild Uld.

Three Broods of Unique Characteristics

Humans, Satyros, Gremlins! ? Each of the three broods has its own unique abilities, making them better than the others in certain tasks. Nevertheless, there are many tasks in the game which can be executed regardless of brood.

Jobs and Skills

There are three jobs to choose from - Pyromancer, Bloodletter, and Gardgeteer. The various skill trees make it possible to develop characters in a totally different way even though they have the same functions.