My Little Flufties can be billed as 'a life simulator'. The player will take control of their very own creatures - there are 5 different species to choose from - and the game starts by allowing you to choose a creature and then the number of creatures you want to play with. If you choose several creatures, you'll receive a new egg each 30 minutes.

The creature is first an egg, then become a baby creature and starts to walk, then become a youngster and will be able to run. (2 hours and 30 minutes for complete evolution.)

Your creature lives in front of you in a quite standalone way. You will need to ask it to do a number of things such as play, eat, and drink. You can even ask it to take a shower, along with many other tasks and objectives. If you forget to take care of your creature, it will become sad and sick and if the creature needs something an icon will appear above it's head helping you to understand what is required.

5 exciting bonus games are on offer and include: Fish-o-matic, Hopscotch, Mole-o-matic, Shoot-the balloons and Find the Tweet-Tweet. This compendium of simple but challenging games is a delight, as is swimming with the fishes and running with butterflies!

Fun is core to the game and with rewards given for achieving tasks youngsters will become enveloped in the tranquil universe the game is set within, with its colourful and animated graphics, soothing sounds and music and compelling tasks.

Children can be left, unattended, to experience the delights of the peaceful world as controls and commands are intuitive, simple and easy for young minds to understand.


  • Cute, colourful and appealing cartoon styled graphics.

  • 5 adorable species/creatures to care for and all fully animated.

  • A delightful and fascinating fairy tale world that will captivate young minds.

  • 5 exciting bonus games: Fish-o-matic, Hopscotch, Mole-o-matic, Shoot-the balloons and Find the Tweet-Tweet.

  • Huge Replayabilty.

  • Rewards to keep young minds focused.

  • Statistics and help screens.

  • Calm and relaxing ambience, with 25 minutes of orchestral music.