My Hole is a Mouth of Dirt follows a lonely cloaked being called Mole, living in a vast desolate, otherworldly underground network of tunnels. Mole hears what he believes to be the voice of God and follows his instructions with faith that all he's done has a greater purpose. His faith is tested one day after he is instructed to venture even deeper beneath the Earth to deliver a baby, for no given reason except to believe this is the right thing to do.

Neither focusing on jump scare tactics, cryptic puzzles or frustrating chasers, nor a threatless and fangless hollow horror experience. Instead it focuses on bringing your mind to a dark place for 50-80 minutes, presenting interesting and strange scenarios to immerse yourself in as you explore a twisted underground with gameplay mechanics tied directly into the story, occasionally dealing with a strange horror that creeps up on. Backed with an atmosphere conjured up to tackle a darker look at trust, faith, love, hate and fatherhood.

  • Take your mind to a dark place with a thick atmosphere conjured up by a dreamy original soundtrack and a flow of events and environments laced with darker context and subtext.
  • The game is not without fangs however, face a small selection of stranger horrors that rely neither on jump scares nor chaser tactics, rather bringing forth something a lot more twisted and strange.
  • A stand-alone journey that can be experienced by anyone who can stomach the disturbing content, but also ties into something greater for fans of other Yai Gameworks games.
  • Connected and stitched together with a surreal narrative brimming with detail about one man's literal descent into his faith and belonging to this world.

I do as he sayeth, even when I don't like it. For I am but a vessel to God, that's what I was made for.