Music 3 is the next product in Jesters million selling music series. New features include V2M mode allows the user to whistle a tune into a microphone and Music 3 will build a song around it! . Another radical new feature is the DJ Super Mixer allowing the user to become a real-time D.J., using up to six turntables!


  • 64 channels using Jesters own VEKTEKtm audio technology (PS2 can only play 48 channels).

  • 20 Megabytes of memory for sounds (10 times more than MUSIC Generator 2!)

  • STUDIO Quality samples (48kHz give brighter crispers sounds and is studio quality - previous music titles operated at 44.1kHz)

  • USB sampler (Record sounds from any source - Microphone, CD, Tape, even Vinyl!)

  • CD sampler (grab sound clips from your favourite audio CD's)

  • Create DVD style videos (Blend and mix from over 500 video clips)

  • Unique V2M system (Voice2Music - sing your tunes into the PS2, choose an instrument and let the software create your own riffs all in the right pitch and time. Now you really can hum it and let the PS2 play it!)

  • DJ SUPERMIXER. Six Independent Decks featuring 16 changeable tracks per deck for you to mix your own set. Team up with your buddy and use this multiplayer feature to create your own special mix!