That above title may seem an odd statement but this game cannot help but be compared to the above legendary racing title. Here we have Motorstorm scaled down. The huge engines of the muscle cars, the huge wheels of the monster trucks, are all shrunk down to the size of radio controlled cars. So besides that, what do we have here? We have a fast and fully enjoyable but slightly flawed racer. The track environments from previous games in the series are scaled down too, so you can tear around tracks in the middle of ice floes and jungles and desert canyons. These mini environments are nicely rendered indeed, with textures on rocks and dirt looking very authentic. Trees and bushes are nicely detailed and water flows very smoothly with the ripples and the like looking very nice indeed. The environments provide hazards and will effect the way vehicles handle so choose the right car for the right kind of track or you could find yourself struggling somewhat. Like the previous titles in the series, as you progress you will unlock new tracks and new vehicles. You do this by finishing in the top three slots of each race as you'd expect. There is no prize money though and no new parts to modify vehicles, but there are new paint jobs for the cars and trucks, quad bikes etc etc. There's a nice selection of vehicles, a good selection of tracks and environments to race through, and many challenges to try such as speed trials and online games. Online the servers run smoothly and are usually quite busy, however some lag can be experienced as times if things get hectic. Graphics: Functional, but they do look good. Obviously they lack the details of it's bigger cousins in the series, but they are pleasing, are not blocky and the animation is smooth. Music: Rock tracks for the most part, none of it by artists that I know, but the music fits the mood nicely Voice acting: None. Physics: They are toy radio controlled cars so they bounce and rattle along as they find stones, pebbles etc etc that are strewn on some tracks. They slide beautifully over the ice, and when they jump, they fly the same way that you would expect their bigger counterparts to do so, but get the landing right, or you will suffer, lose places and time as well. So the pros: Fast and furious arcade fun. Thats sums it up. Decent music help convey the mood very well indeed and you will soon find yourself immersed in the action. A nice job over all. It's slick and will bring a smile to the face. Cons: Controls take some learning, and although sensitive and responsive, you may find things a little too 'twitchy'. Cornering can be an issue as well and the A.I. provides a learning curve that may be a little too steep for the younger player. Experiment with the control layout and find the one that suits you. (Oh no nitrous boosts on this game!) A good game, which can be frustrating at times but it's good fun and with DLC promised the life span will be expanded as we go along. Not as strong as previous titles in the series but it does bring a refreshing change of pace and setting for the series.