For the first time ever, the speed and the intensity of MotoGP racing comes to Wii. Using your Wii remote control as your the handle bar swerving your way through the field has never been so much fun.

With all the official riders, teams, tracks and bikes MotoGP on Wii is the most realistic racing experience you can have.


  • Three different handling models - arcade, intermediate and simulation - provide varied racing experiences and accessibility for all.

  • Ride as yourself and compete against riders from the world's premier motorcycling championship - racing up to 20 opponents.

  • Select from 125cc, 250cc and MotoGP bike classes with each offering a different race experience.

  • Set competitor AI to match skill level with 4 AI levels - Easy/Medium/Hard/Champion.

  • Includes new 2008 season additions of night racing in Qatar and Indianapolis circuit.