Something just isn’t quite right, and Margarette can feel it. She and her son, Henry, struggle to remember why they’re here ; all they know is that they must escape, and do so as fast as they can. Haunted by an entity from their past, they need to cooperate and gather clues in order to find a way out ; and, at the same time, discover what happened in the cursed Duval mansion.
Will you be brave enough to help them uncover the truth?

  • Cooperation-based gameplay – Play with a friend and help each other solve the different puzzles in the game. But don’t wander off too far…
  • Story-driven exploration – Explore the Duval mansion and help Margarette and Henry rediscover their past.
  • Victorian setting – Explore an environment heavily inspired by victorian era architecture and decor.

Moonlight Mansion is a student game made for a class. It will therefore always remain in beta version.