When faced with the invasion of powerful alien high-tech, the unarmed human beings do not compromise. They believe that as long as their hearts are full of love, they will not be afraid of any evil forces. In order to protect their own home, unite to fight to the last moment, and never yield. Just as the God of death, Monkey King, love little red and red SA rely on their own minds and give full play to their heart's potential to resist the powerful dark forces of transformers and demon legions with high-tech weapons.This is a struggle between light and darkness, justice and evil, spirit and material, which has never stopped since ancient times. May God bless those who love peace.In order not to let the darkness dominate the world, for love and justice! Keep fighting, boy!

Operating instructions:
Player 1: WASD key control movement, J key attack, K key jump, l key block, e key gas storage, uiopnmfgh key skills;
Player 2: direction key ←→ ↑↓ to control movement, number key 1 attack, 3 key gas storage, 24567 key skill.

"Monkey King vs Transformers" is a gorgeous action fighting game!
Unique and outstanding Combat: defeat opponents in all situations, experience passion in battle, give full play to their potential, and send out different skills with various key combinations.
Artificial intelligence: everyone has designed a variety of operational intelligence. The enemy has great strength and wisdom.
They have the wisdom to fight. You can deal with enemies one by one with creativity and flexibility.
Character: there are many characters you can use! Each role has its own strengths
Secrets: there are many secrets and surprises waiting for you to explore!
I hope you like this game