You can't keep a good pirate down in Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge, the next exciting installment in the updated Monkey Island franchise from LucasArts. Faithfully re-imagining the classic adventure game sequel, Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge includes all of the hit special edition features that made The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition a favorite with gamers around the world, and for the first time ever now includes a direct control system, an interactive object hint system, ingame audio commentary, an in-game art viewer, plus the ability to hear the game's entire voiceover offering in both classic and Special Edition modes.

Having defeated the evil pirate LeChuck in his first adventure, pirate extraordinaire Guybrush Threepwood sets his sights on the legendary treasure of Big Whoop. Legendary treasures however, come with legendary challenges and Guybrush will have to use his wits, his humor and his insatiable desire for adventure to truly prove himself the greatest pirate in the Caribbean. Voodoo dolls, spitting contests and amusement parks are just some of the challenges Guybrush must overcome as he meets old friends, fights familiar enemies in his quest to become the most celebrated pirate ever.


  • Play it again for the first time with signature Special Edition features.

  • All new re-imagined contemporary art style, hand-drawn to feature animation quality and presented in high definition.

  • Re-mastered music score presented in full orchestrated detail.

  • Complete voice over using the original Monkey Island franchise cast brings the story and characters of the original adventures to life like never before.

  • Scene-for-scene hot swap allows for seamless transition between special edition and classic modes anywhere and at any time.

Includes all new features:

  • All-new direct control option allows players to control Guybrush directly if they choose.

  • Revamped hint system highlights objects of interest in the environment.

  • In-game audio commentary from the game's creators gives players direct insight into select scenes of the game.

  • Bonus art viewer lets players view original and new concept art used in the making of the game.

  • Character voiceover available in both Special Edition and Classic