Kart racing action built for the next generation! The power of the PS3 provides a kart racing game like no other. Feel the blistering speed with every boost and how karts handle differently in various track environments and surfaces.

  • Draft, drift, and boost your way into 1st place in 25+ colourful obstacle-filled tracks

  • Drive through a fun storyline to win the ModNation Racing Championship

  • Beat the competition with crazy upgradeable weapons like Sonic Bombs, Electric Bolts, and more!

  • Play with up to 12 people online, or 4 people offline in Split Screen mode

  • Download additional content on PSN for special creations


The only racing game to offer full Character, Kart and Track customization to create your own racing experience. Design your own mods, karts, and tracks using the same Creative Tools that developers used to make the game!

  • Easy yet deep tool set lets you create in minutes or spend hours to perfectly express yourself

  • Customise every foot of pavement, change terrain, add weapons, scatter obstacles, and place other features wherever you want

  • "Auto Populate" feature instantly decorates your dream track so you can quickly test drive it

  • Create your Mod from thousands of facial features, clothing, and even voices to best suit your personality

  • Build your kart from scratch from different body types & dozens of accessories like engines,wheels, decals and more.