You have to take on the role of Captain Bjorn and go on an adventure and clear the lands of evil spirits.

For a long time, peace and quiet reigned in distant lands. Until one day, unknown creatures appeared who filled these lands with fear and horror. You need to find a ship to hit the road and arm yourself with the most powerful weapons to repel these creatures!
On the way, you have to go through many dangers, fight dragons and other creatures, and finally clear the land of evil and return home!

Explore a colorful world full of adventure and danger in Mighty Vikings and find new friends and acquaintances. Solve various puzzles and find an artifact that will help save this world.

Game features:
- Eliminate the threat alone. Play a small campaign in single player mode.
- Explore a new hostile world.
- Embark on an exciting journey and save humanity.
- Solve puzzles.
- Fight a variety of monsters and bosses.