Wide-open racing in two living, breathing cities: Enjoy highly detailed, fully researched renditions of Paris and Washington, D.C.--complete with ambient traffic and animated pedestrians. Encounter hidden routes, shortcuts, and hideouts that showcase the incredible depth of these two city environments.

Career mode: Work through more than 50 missions across 14 careers, including a limousine driver, pizza deliverer, taxi driver, secret agent, and police officer. Unlock new careers, vehicles, and challenges, and progress through the game by completing a series of missions.

Diverse vehicles: Put your driving skills to the test with a wide assortment of fast and fun vehicles. Select from more than 30 vehicles, including licensed cars from top manufacturers and vehicles such as city buses or taxis.

Online play: Challenge friends and others with online play and downloadable content. (Online play details to be disclosed at a later date).

Advanced graphics and audio: In leveraging the audio capabilities of Xbox, Midtown Madness 3 delivers traffic, pedestrian, voice-over, and ambient sound effects--particular to the cities and neighborhoods in which play takes place--providing a fully interactive racing experience.