The Setting.

The player awakes in the morgue of an empty, decaying hospital, littered with corpses and the debris of disaster. Outside, the city is deserted, stalked by a supernatural serial killer (it seems), and cordoned off by the army. The game starts of with the feeling of 28 Days Later and the Resident Evil games - the deserted city, spattered with gore - but soon develops into something much more twisted (with shades of Clive Barker, Reanimator, Twilight Zone).

The player's character - wise-cracking in the style of Ash from the Evil Dead films - wanders corridors plastered with posters advertising sterilization (promising "satisfaction at our nurses' hands"), dissection ("after a lifetime of sex and drugs, find your final pleasure with a pathologist") and virtual-reality murder. Here he finds a slew of butchered corpses (remarking "nice tits!" he seems enamored of one body-bag-clad young-lady, in particular), a number of distasteful characters (whom he variously argues with, insults, or beats up), and a series of clues - both to the nature of the evil that overshadows the city, and also to the character's own identity.

The Gameplay.

Midnight Nowhere is a horror-adventure game, with 150 locations packed with fiendish puzzles. The game fills two CDs, and the developer estimates that the game will take 48 hours to play - but many of the puzzles are extremely difficult, and the game could take much longer.

A simple point-and-click interface allows the player to guide the character around a sumptuously pre-rendered world, collecting items and clues in classic adventure-game style. The complexity of the game is in the puzzles, for which walk-throughs will be made available by the release date.