In Miami Vice The Game, players follow a storyline set just before the events of the film. Gamers must build up the nefarious reputation necessary to infiltrate the seedy underbelly of South Beach, and ultimately bring down the organization of an "untouchable" South American drug lord. Gamers can also choose to play as either Crockett or Tubbs, or team up via wireless to play each mission cooperatively.


  • THE MIAMI VICE EXPERIENCE - Play as undercover cops Crockett and Tubbs in the notorious world of Miami Vice -- the mansions, the money, and the mayhem -- set in present-day Miami

  • DESIGNED EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE PSP SYSTEM - Experience cutting-edge motion capture, highly-detailed environments, and lighting effects inspired by the film created to maximize the technology of the PSP system

  • COOPERATIVE PLAY - Play as partners with wireless action


    Drug Trading - Raise needed capital and build reputation by managing drug inventory

    Hacking - Unlock sensitive information (security codes, locations, etc.)

    Interactive Cutscene Encounters (ICE) - Continue to boost reputation through dramatic interactive cinematic encounters with powerful drug lords

  • REPUTATION BUILDING DYNAMIC - Establish rep as a major player in the narcotics world through contraband trading, aggressively interacting with drug barons, and pursuing criminals with reckless abandon

  • HIGH-POWERED ACTION MISSIONS - Armed with intelligence from informants and utilizing hacking skills, take on the enemy in varied locations with an impressive array of weapons

  • BOAT GUNPLAY - Experience high-speed chases through Miami's treacherous waterways while engaging in boat-to-boat shootouts.