Time has passed since our heroine survived her last encounter with the alien hordes that had been a constant pain in the butt for her. And just when she thought she could perhaps look forward to some peace, a 'Baby's Cry' is heard across the galaxy. A Bay's Cry is a distress call and it's traced to a seemingly deserted Bottle Ship. However upon arrival, our heroine's past catches up with her as she finds herself under the command of an old superior officer who have also landed on the same craft. Maybe there are survivors onboard? So now the bounty hunter, finds herself once again enlisted into the corps. It soon becomes apparent that restoring the power too the craft is a priority. So off she goes seeking to do just that. However creatures lurk in the shadows, and before too long the fight is on again! CONTROLS: The game demands that you hold the Wii remote sideways on like a classic controller to play. The cross becomes the d-pad, the A button switches you to ball mode, button 1 becomes the fire button whilst the + button summons up a map of the area you are in. Button 2 becomes the jump button and the trigger or B button acts as charge up control to boost the power of your laser, or jumps in ball form. There are times when you have to go into first person mode and this is done by aiming the controller directly at the screen. Here then the B button becomes a device that will lock onto objects as you look around including door locks and enemies. GAMEPLAY: Outside of first person mode, the game looks and plays like an old fashioned sideways scrolling platformer. Althought persepctive does change so you are facing the camera and away from the camera from time to time, it mostly scrolls sideways. During these sections aiming is something you don't really need to worry about too much as the gun seems to auto aim at incoming bugs. However you'll need first person mode in some boss battles and to find hidden objects such as armour power ups scattered throughout the levels (Keep an eye on your map, they appear as glowing blue dots on it) and these can be picked up once enemies are dealt with. This may strike some as being a pain in the neck, but I'd rather it do that then have my character jumped from behind whilst trying to retrieve some goodies! However one problem soon becomes apparent. Maybe there's something wrong with my wii sensor but switching from one mode to another was at times, problematical. Getting stuck in first person mode was not welcome as I was trying to avoid incoming melee attacks from the first boss, so be warned. For the most part though the controls are responsive. ANIMATION: Nice and smooth and the graphical details are more than adequate for the job, although some areas are a little too dark so you may want to crank up the brightness on your screen for a while. The cut scenes are very nice indeed, some of the best I have seen on the Wii so far. Good voice acting (though not brilliant) and the dubbing seems nigh on perfect. A nice job there. MUSIC: A good soundtrack. Suitably eerie when it needs to be (remember this is not a survival horror) and exciting and dramtaic when the action warms up. Not a bad soundtrack here, in fact slightly better I feel than sci fi shooter the Conduit, and that has a decent score too. PHYSICS: Things react well when interacted with. Particle effects although not razor sharp (Wii is NOT next gen don't forget) are a-ok. There isn't much in the way of interactive scenery it must be said, but explosions abd gunfire are alright. SOUND EFFECTS: The gun to be honest sounds weak, but some of the explosions are quite meaty. Little in the way of basckground sound effects. But although this is no Dead Space, they are not too bad. Listen out for shrieks and squeaks, they indicate there some of those pesky bugs around somewhere! PRO'S: Intuitive gameplay, responsive controls and by now this game is around a tenner for a brand new copy, less for pre owned. A good bargain price then for a more than reasonable little game I feel. You'll soon learn that although the game takes you gently by the hand in the opening stages, it soon makes yout hink about tactics and timing. Though no Gears of War, there are sections where working out how to deal with some creatures is important (especially those pesky Armadillo types) so it will tax the brains a little as well as exercise the trigger finger. CON'S: Swapping in and out of first person mode can be a problem. There are moments when frustration may get the better of some less patient players but bare with it and you'll find a game you will want to complete. However the replay value comes into question here. Most of the time modern gamers will clock a game and then pass it on or car boot it or whatever. I sometimes hang onto a title and go back too it to see if another tactic or something will aid me through and make me do better second time around. This lacks that element for me. But if it's only a tenner then I don't feel it's money wasted but I would have liked to have seen some cooperative mode of play as once you start the game, the rest of the squad I mentioned become conspicuous by their abscence. To sum up, this is not perfect but it IS a good game and a decent alternative to some other sci fi shooters out there and I won't complain if there's a sequel. And seeing as I have a GC compatible Wii, I am seriously thinking of hunting down earlier titles such as Metroid Prime Delta (?) so I can learn some more of the background history of our heroine if nothing else. That can't be an entirely bad thing in my book! So if you are a Wii owner, take a break from Goldeneye and try this one. I hope you won't be disappointed.