With a game experience tailored for the handheld console, Metal Slug Advance features a unique take on the arcade smash hit series. The same thrilling pace of action and frantic bullet dodging that are hallmarks of the series are still in place, but now the game is structured so that players can pick it up for a quick blast as well as embark on a marathon of comedic destruction. The introduction of an energy bar and free-roaming environments are also new to European gamers, and a card-collecting system and gallery for hostages rescued add extra depth and re-playability.


  • A completely new instalment to the Metal Slug series.

  • Collect over 100 different E-cards which enhance your character's ability.

  • Keep a record of all the POWs you rescue in the hostage file.

  • Five huge, gloriously detailed action-packed levels.

  • Four secret dungeons to unlock.