In the distant future, man and machine are one. Twisted, robotic cyborgs walk the planet ravaging the land and destroying all that they find. Mankind retreats to metal fortresses, and holds out for the future. Underneath the scorched earth, evil awaits, magic returns to life, and terrible creatures of myth are revived. A group of battle cyborgs must now journey below the surface of the planet, to tame the Metal Dungeon.


  • Five character types to choose from: Fencer, Striker, Analyzer, Caster and Broader.

  • Ten huge dungeon levels to explore and conquer.

  • Randomly generating dungeons, so you never play the same level twice.

  • Totally customizable advancement system lets you build characters any way you choose.

  • Use chips and implants to enhance your cyborgs by adding spells, abilities and equipment.

  • Create and swap your powerful group of adventurers, and discover new bodies to revive in the grounds below.