MegaRamp is an action puzzle game inspired on skateboarding mega ramp. In this game you face 10 levels with progressive difficulties in wich you must preciselly setup the levels objects to reach the goal. On each level you need to launch a sphere down the mega ramp trying to put it inside the target. This game forces you to use all your capacity of spacial localization and the hability to adjust with perfection the game elements.

  • Designed for people who like puzzle game with a touch of action and ability;
  • You must to complete 10 levels with progressive dificulties to finish the game. Believe me, it's not easy as you can think;
  • Enjoy a minimalist game with 3D graphs using a cartoon style;
  • The game was made with a lot of love and craftsmanship.

How to Play

On every level you will see a mega ramp with a sphere on the top in a moveable platform and a target on the bottom. At the end of the mega ramp there are some obstacles and another moveable platform. You need to move appropriatelly the platforms to surpass the obstacles beetwen the sphere and the target to complete the level. There is a cronometer that registry your time to finish the level. On each new level you will face a new degree of difficulty.

Will you have the ability to overcome the level 10? Give it a try and show yourself that you can.