The evil Sigma waged a war of fury on Earth in an attempt to annihilate the human race. Megaman X8 begins after the fall out of this devastating battle. The planet earth has been ravaged and the remaining humans are forced to look for a new home. In an effort to rebuild human civilisation as it was once known, a new generation of robot Reploids has been built by the earth's people in order to ready the moon for colonisation. This new group possessed advanced capabilities, including the ability to copy other Reploids. Unfortunately, Sigma has corrupted them with his sinister DNA mark in an attempt to make them turn on humans. Now Megaman X, Zero and Axl must head to the moon for an outer space mission to defeat the enemy and save mankind.

Megaman X8 provides a greater degree of freedom and variety than ever before. Players are able to complete the stages in any order and as often as they like. Each area is designed to help build and acquire skills that will be used to advance through the game. Players must successfully jump, attack, and utilise new weapons to open up additional areas and conquer each challenge. Twelve stages provide vast variety in gameplay and settings from 3D depth-scrolling space stations to side-scrolling lunar colonies and even vehicle based missions, each with their own objectives. Replay is encouraged through "intermission" sub quests that provide different objectives for already-cleared stages to provide added depth and help players hone skills.


  • Battle killer robots, gigantic bosses and the ultimate half-man, half-machine, Sigma. Will Megaman survive his lasers? With you in control, friend, he might!

  • Double Hero System - pick just two heroes for each stage. Have you picked the right pair to win through? Megaman has extra armour. Zero has a new weapon. And Axl has the devastating new hover shot.

  • Fiercest ever fighting. Megaman needs all your skills and speed to tackle nine gigantic stages. Unlock the bonus Command stage with Megaman Command Mission.

  • Pick up metal points to boost Megaman's powers. Find them all to unlock Black Zero!

  • New navi-guides and mega-mech suits help your fight for humanity's survival.