A month has passed since the evil WWW organisation attempted to commandeer a military satellite and now cyberspace is about to encounter another menace, the devastating Zero Virus. It is up to Lan and Mega Man to defeat this latest threat, battle bosses and solve problems in the virtual realm. Players will need to communicate with Lan, Mega Man and other characters to gain information that holds vital hints to overcoming various in-game predicaments.

Mega Man Network Transmission uses the popular chip system introduced in the original Battle Network RPG. By collecting chips, players can equip Mega Man with special weapons and support items that enhance his abilities. For example one chip will improve Mega Man's jumping skills, while another creates a protective shield to deflect enemy attacks.


  • First ever Mega Man game for the Nintendo GameCube.

  • Players can select and arrange battle chips as they wish to perform over 100 different customised attacks.

  • Wide variety of playing styles.

  • Exciting new storyline - learn what happened in between Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Battle Network 2.