One month has passed since the battle ended with the Dark Chip Syndicate for the earth's existence. Now an evil organisation called the "Nebula" is attempting to take complete control over the global internet. Now players must team up with other cyber heroes to liberate the Nebula-controlled areas of the internet and stop this malevolent organisation.

In Megaman Battle Network 5, players must partake in an extensive liberating mission where they must defeat the cyber enemies that await, while acquiring and using up to six Navi allies to help progress through the adventure. Each Battle Network version will have a set of specialised cohorts that can be obtained including characters from previous instalments of the series. Working as a team will be crucial if you want to liberate the Nebula-controlled areas. Plug into flashbacks of stored digital data and images which will uncover information that may help resolve unanswered questions.

The "Soul Unison" system returns, allowing players to utilize the special abilities from the opponents' souls encountered in the game, enabling Megaman to transform and use these powers during battle. Furthermore, the tempting "Dark Chip" will re-emerge. This attractive chip permits players to control the power of the darkness but the more times these chips are used, the more Megaman's Net-Navi's maximum hit points will dwindle.

Megaman Battle Network 5 comes in two versions - Team Protoman and Team Colonel.


  • Liberation Turf Battle Missions - The battle structure is based on freeing Nebula controlled areas. By utilising the abilities of each acquired ally to liberate each region, the field returns to normal.

  • "Chaos Union" system - Allows players to control the power of the darkness by uniting with a dark chip.

  • Flashback scenarios- Plug into the past to uncover useful information

  • Distinct features for Team Protoman and Team Colonel:

    o Six distinct allies to befriend for a total of 12 Navi comrades

    o Separate storylines in each game

    o Six souls per game, for a total of 12 souls, that can be used in the "Soul Unison" system

    o Assorted battle chips for each version

    o Enemies that are unique to each title.