Experience 400 years of Medieval warfare - from the First Crusade in 1095 to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Take charge of any of the great powers of the period and guide your kingdom's fortunes through a time of brutal conflict and social upheaval. Command vast armies and lay siege to mighty fortresses across the battlefields of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. In a world of fear, power and death, where Empires are made and broken, choose your allies wisely and deal mercilessly with your enemies. This is no time for the faint-hearted. This is Total War.

Medieval Total WarTM portrays the clash between mighty nations and ancient cultures on the blood-drenched battlefields of the Middle Ages. The epic battles and castle sieges feature over 10,000 warriors, in varied and spectacular 3D environments, employing tactics and weapons spanning 400 years of technical revolution on the battlefield.

Armies now comprise over 100 different unit types, many unique to their particular culture and period: the English can train longbow yeomanry, the Turks raise Janissary armies from among their Christian slaves, while the German Holy Roman Empire reaches the pinnacle of heavy gothic armoured knights. Each type represents different tactical opportunities for their commander. Battlefield terrain is also extremely varied, with forests, lakes, deserts, mountains and plains that realistically recreate campaigns in any part of feudal Europe, Northern Africa or the Near East.


  • Epic scale 3D battles featuring over 10000 troops. With hundreds of distinct battlefields from the lush farmlands of Western Europe to the arid deserts of Northern Africa.

  • Spectacular Castle Sieges. Pound castles into the dust with a vast array of siege weaponry, including: Siege Cannons, Mangonels and Ballistae.

  • 12 playable factions and over 100 different unit types each with distinct playing styles including: the English, German, Byzantine, French and Turkish Empires.

  • Play as a famous Historical Hero - including Richard the Lionheart, Joan of Arc, Saladin and Frederick Barbarrosa, and engage in historical campaigns including, The Hundred Years War, The Crusades and The Mongol Invasions.

  • RPG-style character development - Kings, Generals and Heirs develop vices, virtues and abilities that reflect their actions throughout the campaign.

  • Custom Battle: Fight battles in a 'sand box' mode. Set a budget, buy up enough soldiers for two armies, and go to it on the battlefield of your choice! This is a great way of perfecting your grasp of battlefield tactics.

  • Historical Battles: Fight one of the standalone battles based on a famous historical event. These set piece 'missions' give you the chance to change history or do better than the original commanders.

  • Historical Campaigns: Fight through a series of battles covering the career of a great leader, or fight the key engagements of an important campaign.

  • Multiplayer: Search for servers/hosts or act as one for a multiplayer game of Medieval: Total War. This allows you to play against other human opponents over a LAN or the Internet providing you have a suitable network connection.

  • Battle Replays: The Battle system allows you to save a record of the action. Here, you can watch re-runs of your greatest triumphs or, should the medieval idea of (virtual) flagellation appeal, your greatest defeats!

  • Map Editor: This allows you to use one of the game creation tools to create your own battlefields.