Medieval: Total War Viking Invasion is the expansion pack to the award-winning Medieval: Total War, and takes the action of the game to a new level and a new time. In 793AD the Vikings attacked the monastery at Lindisfarne in Northumbria, killing the monks and nuns, destroying one of Northern Europe's great centres of learning, and carrying off every precious object they could prise from the dead hands of the monks.

Viking Invasion starts at the time of this frightening - for the people of Britain - event! The Vikings are coming to wage Total War.


  • A brand new Viking Era campaign with a completely new map of the British Isles and Scandinavia.

  • 8 new Viking Era factions, including the Saxons, Welsh, Mercians, Northumbrians, Scots, Picts, Irish - and not forgetting the Vikings!

  • A new Viking Era technology tree - including Drinking Halls, Sacrificial Shrines, a Warrior Hold and a few surprises.

  • New Viking Era military forces, including Housecarles and Huscarls (yes, two kinds of mad axemen for the price of one!), Saxon Fyrdmen, Viking Thralls, extremely scary and shield-bitingly fearsome Berserkers - and more!

  • Three new playable factions - the Aragonese, the Sicilians and the Hungarians.

  • New units for many factions, including elite Arabic Faris cavalrymen, Russian Druhzina Cavalry, Hungary Jobbagy Infantry, and the fearsome, amazing Organ Gun - a Medieval "machine gun" of sorts!

  • A new pre-battle system that allows you to scout out enemy forces and organise your reinforcements before a battle.

  • Boiling oil in sieges! Beware of sending your men to attack the castle gates!

  • Tweaks, changes and improvements to gameplay, including a couple of new buildings on the technology tree!