The heroic knight Maximo is back!

Having defeated the evil Achille, Maximo goes in search of his missing girlfriend in mysterious lands. During his travels he is attacked by a terrifying clockwork monster that appears to be powered by a captured soul of the dead.

Maximo vows to uncover the secret of this new creature and his quest takes him through vast and unique lands, making new alliances and facing terrifying enemies along the way. Can this ancient army be defeated? Who gave Maximo the scar on his face? Will this saga have a happier ending than the last? Only time will tell...


  • More attacks and weapons! Destructive new weapons to master and over 30 cool combat motions, powerful abilities and combos for players to learn.

  • More heroic! Whilst battling the Army of Zin Maximo must not only save his own skin but must also worry about helping to save the innocent people.

  • More boxer shorts! Discover the power of the Magic Pow Pants and the Boxers of Burning Vigor as Maximo goes into battle sporting his trademark underwear.