Have you ever dreamed of being a captain during the Age of Discovery?
To be this brave explorer, venturing into the unknown seas.
To persuade the merchants to fund your expedition and stockpile the supplies.
To hire a crew of unskilled peasants, who have never been at sea before and got recruited by deception and promises of wealth.
To chart the course for your journey and then get completely lost due to the incompetence of your navigator.
Make the best of your situation and manage to reach some land.
Get supplies and directions from the locals, make friends with them and later steal their sacred treasures and depart under the brink of night.
Only to get lost again, after battling the severe storm, taking a huge toll on your crew.
Manage to deal with the growing discontent of your crew, who are tired from the long journey and think that they could do your job better.
To make a lucky guess and somehow manage to get to your destination.
To explore this new land, claim it for your country, name it in the honor of some nobleman and return back home with glory.

Well, what else did you expect? We are simulating a real history here!