Grab seven of your closest friends and get ready for the wildest, craziest party ever. With six new boards, two new characters and dozens upon dozens of new minigames, Mario Party 7 will keep you rockin'.

Explore the world with six brand-new game boards. As MarioTM and friends embark on an around-the-world cruise, each board serves as an exotic port of call: Grand Canal, Pagoda Peak, Pyramid Park, Neon Heights, Windmillville and Bowser's Enchanted Inferno. Each one should be a lovely vacation spot...but Bowser has other plans.

Up to eight players can participate in the action - four more than the previous Mario Party titles. In a four-player game, each participant will have his or her own controller. In an eight-player match, participants will share a controller.

Mario Party 7 will feature 86 new minigames, 11 of which use the Nintendo GameCube Mic. From leaping over electrified hurdles to avoiding a mole with a giant hammer, each game is a party in itself. The addition of two new playable characters, Birdo and Dry Bones, adds to the fun.