[game introduction]
"Mahjong School" is a casual game of beautiful girls + elimination of mahjong.

[Story introduction]
A new way of playing mahjong has suddenly swept the whole MajEyal, and students from all over the mainland and all races gather in the Mahjong School.
As a teacher of the college, players are responsible for teaching the problem students to learn mahjong better

[Game Features]
◆10 girls with different personalities!
◆Special match-3 gameplay, full of strategy and intense brainstorming
◆Support multiple game languages.
(Chinese, Traditional, English, Japanese)
◆Roguelike adventure mode, each girl has their own different skills, choose three girls to explore together!

[Character design]
Asami Hinako
With the strange sound of blingbling, it comes and goes like a ghost, and always brings out unknown ingredients (medicine?) I'm a strange girl.

Ogata Nana
In order to save the idol Department of Mahjong School, the newcomer has a high popularity in the college, but she has an unknown side on the Internet

Aino Yui
Nurses in the health care room are conscientious in their work, but because they are timid, they imitate their superiors in their clothes and are afraid of being admonished. Their favorite thing is to be alone and quiet

And 7 more mysterious girls

【Game Communication】
If you have any questions about the game or want to chat with the producer, you are welcome to join.
Group number: 1158969076