Migration to a New Land

600 years ago, a strange disease spread across the land, turning its victims into stone. A war ensued, raging for several hundred years and continuing to this day. Tired of the fighting, one group set sail in hopes of finding a new place to live. After countless weeks at sea, the four boats landed on the continent of Efferia. The immigrants saw that the land had been blessed by nature, and so they decided to settle there and begin a new life-a fresh start for those who had lost faith in humanity.

The War with the Yason

In Efferia, there was a race-the Yason-that closely resembled humans. Though not narrow-minded, they were not prepared to welcome these new settlers with open arms. The Yason and the humans maintained a respectable distance from each other, and went on with their daily lives. Though as time passed, they began to intermingle. However, the human population expanded rapidly, and marginalized the Yason. The Yason's hatred for humans grew until war finally erupted. Initially, the humans had the advantage because of their experience with war. But, before long, the physically superior Yason had turned the tables. After 30 years of fighting, the possibility for a peaceful resolution had vanished.

Calintz, the leader of a small, elite mercenary unit, the "Tears of Blood," took up arms to avenge the destruction of his home. To end the war, the humans mounted a massive attack on the Yason's base, and Calintz's team participated. But, once the fighting began, Calintz ran into Reith, who had lost her memory. Was it fate that brought them together?

Could this chance encounter somehow change the future for all of Efferia?


  • A 50+ hour fantasy that unfolds through amazing CGI cut-scenes and fully voiced dialogue.

  • Unlock the secrets of the Carta System and unleash spellbinding magical fury!

  • Character designs by renowned Korean Artist, Hyung Tae Kim bring the world of Efferia to life!

  • Unique real-time battle system allows you to position yourself anywhere on the battlefield!