This game is currently only supported in Japanese.
I welcome translators who can translate one million characters. -Musashi KazuiMagic sword for Kamonegi-go
A Different world from here. A Story when many Magic swords were still born.Opening
You woke up, in the world of magic swords.
You don't know anything about the catastrophe five years ago in This world.
You'll be working as a radio operator, and you'll be attacked by a black magic sword.
Who is the "Messenger", who knows the terrible power of a black magic sword, the identity of a magic sword, and everything?
Your choices determine the fate of this world.Ship's mate

Captain: Aaron
  • Captain of the ship who hired you as a radio operator. He enjoys everything.
Navigator: Brendan
  • Navigator who performs all the office work on the ship. He is hiding something.
Searcher: Chase
  • Adventurers looking for magic swords. Her get on a ship looking for miracle magic sword.
Magic Swordsman: Dion
  • Legitimate successor of the venerable magic swordsman clan. He get on the ship to learn about the magic sword.
Outline of game

You will use the radio as the radio operator’s job and ask the "Messenger" for the location of the magic sword.
You rely on advice to find a magic sword with your ship mate.
Then tell "Messenger", what you found answer.

Playing time: about 3-5 hours.
Ending: 1 (with some changes)
Bad end: about 10
Event Still: Basic 50
Adult event: 4 characters x 4 about 10 others
(* Don't even remember the producer)Explore in the ship
Ship's mate live freely in the ship.
Go wherever you want to talk and work.Easy mode
This game has an Easy mode.
Many choices, the one that progresses in the story will be colored Green.
Red for bad ends and Pink for Adult events.
In addition, In Very easy mode chooses Green over time.
It's game will proceed simply by turning the mouse wheel.CreditProduction: Musashi Kazui
Assist: Nozomi Tsubaki, Kotton, Inuo, Gosyoku,

Sorry,this game has some difficult errors to bother you.
This game development at Kirikiri 2 (吉里吉里2).
Since it is a relatively old engine, there may be compatibility issues.
There is a trial version, so please use it to check the operation.