Bizarre and paranormal murders have put Kisaragi City into a state of fear. A powerful mind parasite known as SILENT is spreading throughout the city. It infects humans and pushes them to perform horrendous acts by controlling their minds. Atsuki is a member of FORT, a secret organisation devoted to eradicating this parasite. Despatched to Kisaragi City as an undercover student, Atsuki has a special skill that can gain him the advantage against an invisible enemy: he can see SILENT.


  • NPC's you meet are fully voiced and have original stories of their own.

  • Unique adventure system - synchronise the two screens and use the Nintendo DS features to find SILENTs and help your friends.

  • A touch of Japanese horror-style to add extra atmosphere.

  • Emotion system - up to seven different emotions to choose to reply to NPC's and discover their hidden secrets.