Welcome to Lure, Survivor!

Lure is an open world multiplayer survival game with a zombie theme. If you will decide to play on another server, you won't lose your progress like in other games. You can play on any server in any region. Let's have a closer look at Lure.

Zombies aren't the only thing you have to fear in Lure. If you ignore your hunger and thirst any longer, you can die. That means you have to travel through cities and search for food. Try not to eat rotten food, you could get poisoned. When you kill zombies, animals, and enemies, you will receive experience points and each time your character level up, you will receive one skill point. You can use these skill points to improve your character in three different ways.

Players can exchange items with each other, by simply facing each other and sending each other an trade request. You can sell the various items you have collected in the world to the trader to keep up the safe-zone.

Based on your character with the highest level, you will receive slots for the bank. You can keep your stuff safe. If your character dies, your items in the bank will not be lost, but the items you carry will be. After you have learned the necessary skills, you can build bases of wood and stone. And you can store your items in your base.

You can create a clan with your friends or by yourself. Clans have some pluses but firstly you need to deserve. Clans have a level system, that means you need to level up your clan if you want a reward. You can choose a flag for your clan and display it in the captured areas and at the base, you have built.

Some areas are more popular and these areas can be captured by clans. You can choose a flag for your clan and display it in the captured areas and at the base, you have built. Assemble your clan and capture areas for additional rewards.

You may feel safe in the forest but you must always be alert to bears and wolves, otherwise, you may be killed by a bear or a wolf. You can hunt animals for skins or meats of them. You can eat the meats and sell skins, or you can just sell both of them.

Users can't kill each other at Safe-Zone. You can find some employees to keep your items in the bank or repair your weapons or selling items or driving to somewhere.

There's no door the money can't open. Tell the driver where you want to go, he will take you there.

You can find a car and drive wherever you want. You can also take a friend with you.