Lula, the curvaceous producer of erotic movies, is in a serious fix. Just before shooting begins on her new film, three of her best bosom stars are kidnapped. The only clue to the culprits are the tapes recorded by security cameras on her luxurious estate in Beverly Hills, which show masked characters sneaking through the park. A black delivery van had been parked close to the wall. By chance, she comes across a book of matches from an ominous San Francisco club in her villa - it must have been dropped by one of the kidnappers. There's no time to lose! Slip into Lula's role and race off to Frisco in her racy hot rod. Experience a wild chase across America with breakneck twists and a volley of erotic action.


  • 3D erotic action-adventure with a tantalizing storyline.

  • Twelve luxuriously-styled main locations with over twenty additional scenes.

  • Total body action: from exotic dancer to tiger-like talons - Lula gives every bad boy just what he wants.

  • Bouncing boobs technology: natural animation using motion capturing.

  • Sexy outfits for Lula include a cowgirl bikini, transparent fashions, and the rubber-slut look.

  • Intense erotic scenes will really get players going.

  • Busty delights! Over 50 extremely well-stacked characters more than willing to please.

  • Setting tails wagging! Dusty, Lula's faithful friend, watches what's going on using a doggy cam.

  • Engines at full throttle! Hot pursuits with lots of rubber on the asphalt - and elsewhere.

  • Totally relaxed: easy to operate using the mouse.