A world without color "Lost Colors".
The main character, Real, makes a living killing people of color, "Colors", there.
However, one day, he himself becomes Colors and goes from a position of being pursued to a position of being pursued.
In order to get rid of the evil that has befallen him, Real travels back and forth between worlds of color, solving the mysteries of the world.

Equipped with ANOS/Advanced Novel Operation System
The ANOS (system) evolves the novel, which was previously a branching branch, into a multilayered, three-dimensional, cumulative scenario.
This system allows you to go back to a different branch at any point in time.
Then, new developments occur by using the memories from the branches already followed in other branches.
The ANOS (system), which promotes and assists the active performance of these actions, is the cornerstone of a novel game with a high level of gameplay.