Your City Has Been Placed on Lockdown...

You're a survivor of the AME-3 Virus that has taken over and been left behind after your city has gone on full lockdown, trapping anyone who was left behind inside the city. There's one way out of the city, an airlock located at the edge of town. You're not alone, with undead looking to keep you in town, while other survivors are looking to get out. The good news is there is a key you can find to escape, the bad news is you don't know where it is. Find it and be the survivor to escape, or die trying.

There can only be one...

  • Multiplayer up to 10 Players - be the Lone Survivor to Escape Morristown.

Battle with up to 10 friends or join an open match to experience Survival Escape Gameplay like never before.

  • Find the Keycard Hidden Within the Map.

Keycards are hidden within the map, and your goal is to find a Keycard, and survive long enough to get to the Airlock and escape with your life.

  • Outwit and Survive Against Hordes of Undead, Along with Other Survivors That are Trying to Escape.

Hordes of Undead are looking for you, and other survivors are looking to escape and leave you behind. Be the first to escape Morristown and be the winner.

  • Enjoy the Scenery, Quickly.

Explore Abandoned Homes, Places of Business, and the forest in search for the Keycard to escape. Just be sure not to stay still for too long, something is bound to look your way.