Loch Mess is a 2-player cooperative puzzle game featuring two Loch Ness monsters (Nessie and Lochie) who are on a quest to eat all of the pies (and puddings!)

Nessie and Lochie will need to work together, twisting themselves into knots, to eat every pie in each challenging level without getting in each other's road.


  • Pies - Nessie and Lochie are very picky eaters and will only eat the flavour they like
  • Puddings - Everyone likes pudding!
  • Icebergs - It's cold in the loch! Push the ice out of the way to get to the treats!
  • Lots of challenging levels - Plenty of fun for you and a friend!
  • Remote Play Together - Cooperate to get the pies no matter where your friends are
  • More stuff coming soon!