LMA Professional Manager 2005's compelling gameplay will have you scouting for players, training your team, picking your squad and planning your tactics using the intuitive interface, which puts a wealth of information and data directly at your fingertips. An expanded and updated database makes it the most authentic edition with more official football content, including all the top clubs and the official inclusion of The Championship, League 1 and League 2, under license from the Football League, with all the clubs, players, badges, and trophies, plus the Conference.

You can extend your management prowess across 50 countries: competing as a manager in all the major divisions in the English, Scottish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese leagues. Your team can also play friendlies against clubs from all the featured countries. All countries and leagues in the game are fully scoutable, allowing you to search for those teenage superstars, the young unknown players you can pick up for peanuts now and who could be worth millions in a season or two!

In LMA Professional Manager 2005, matches run real-time and results aren't calculated before the match kicks off; it's all about how you react during a match and your management ability to turn what looked like certain defeat into an unlikely victory. Every tactic, player attribute and bounce of the ball makes a difference. Getting over-run in the centre of the park? Shout from the dugout and switch to 5 across the middle or throw on some tough tackling midfielder. Now more than ever, success depends upon your tactical awareness.

Delivering all the match day atmosphere in a variety of ways, LMA Professional Manager 2005 uniquely provides the player a choice between a stunning 3D Match with fast, fluid animations, or for those who want to get through more of a season in a single sitting, a Quickmatch view where you can still make the decisions and set the tactics - but much more swiftly. Also available for the impatient manager is a highlights only option, allowing you to get the best bits without having to watch the whole game!

The voices of LMA Manager come to PC too - with Barry Davies providing the commentary, while Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen deliver match day summaries.


  • The market-leading football management game on console gets a new advanced edition, created exclusively for PC.

  • Putting the fun back into football management, LMA Professional Manager 2005 delivers all the tension, lows and highs with a real football feel.

  • The most extensive edition in the LMA Manager series - all the statistics, players and teams you really need for the 2004/2005 season.

  • The best looking and visually rewarding football management game ever made with a dynamic and stylish design throughout the game.

  • Command the best teams in the English, Scottish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese leagues.

  • Stunning 3D Match with fluid animations, celebrations, and detailed kits to bring home the real match day atmosphere.

  • Create individual tactics for each individual player on your team and assign secondary playing sides to players, allowing better formation and positioning.

  • Comprehensive, easy to use, player search makes scouting totally relevant to your needs.

  • Build the club of your dreams in Fantasy Team game mode.

  • Push your management skills to the limit in Expert Mode.

  • The official game of the League Managers Association (LMA), the body of English football managers.