Live Inc. is a cooperative multiplayer (2vs2) game set in the 80s where one team acts as infiltrators breaking into an office building at night owned by the evil corporation named Live Inc. to collect evidence that can be used to incriminate the company, while the other team takes on the role of Live Inc.'s security and tries to catch the infiltrators.

On each team there is one member navigating through the map in first person towards their objective, these are the spy and the security guard. The other team members are the hacker and the security system admin who act as overseers in a remote location, their goal is to guide their partner towards their objective using tools to gain control over the office's security system.

The office's security system consists of cameras, secured doors and detection sensors, these can be used to find the position of the enemy and block them in their path. Teams rely on communication and strategic thinking skills to take control over the map and outsmart the opposing team.

We recommend playing with a partner using voice communication. You can also join our community Discord server to find people to play with.Key Features
  • Cat and Mouse Gameplay - Experience constant situations of pursuits and escapes. Keep track of the location of your opponent to either entrap or avoid them.
  • Gain Control - Uncover the codes of the security cameras, doors and sensors and gain control over them by hacking them in your terminal. Check the live video feeds of controlled cameras to find the position of your opponent and have eyes all over the map.
  • Cooperation - Communicate with your partner and come up with strategies to outsmart your opponent. Taking over cameras and opening secured doors requires communication and teamwork.