When a power-hungry warlock opens up portals to monstrous dimensions, trying to build an army with the creatures he finds, they quickly overwhelm him and spread throughout your world. You are one of the last few heroes that can save your planet in its darkest hours.

Little Big Monsters is an open-world RPG with rogue-like elements following one of your world's last few powerful hero's, sent on a quest to rid the planet of monsters and their gruesome overlords that have overtaken your world from hellish dimensions.Key features:
  • 3 unique classes with 12 different game variants giving you 36 different ways to play the game
  • 20 gems that give you unique powers / When leveled up they become even stronger
  • Hundreds of active slot combinations you can create with your gems to use on the fly to beat a level or boss
  • 20+ monstrous enemy types
  • 5 bosses
  • 5 levels
  • 3 difficulty settings
Mix and match an assortment of gems that give you powers from crowd control, healing, magical turrets, and more!

Earn trophies for your collection by following different paths!