You play as Eli (Sam McMurray), an entrepreneur that made a fortune developing moon mining technologies, only to have your reputation recently tarnished. Aided by the best engineering minds in the verse, you are focused on developing a technological beacon of hope and restoring your legacy.

Watch out. You have made some high-profile friends and enemies along the way. This technology cannot fall into the wrong hands. Good luck in the black.

LithoBreak is an episodic game following Eli, a deep-space moon mining mastermind working on the next big thing. From an orbiting space station you will control mining and manufacturing processes that get more advanced and complex at every step.

  • Explore a storied space station filled with background of Eli and the greater verse
  • Mine materials with unique elemental makeups and engineering properties
  • Process and refine materials using processes based upon properties and chemistry
  • Produce parts for mining equipment, with quality based upon material properties
  • All parts wear out over time
  • Move parts and materials around with spacecraft following orbital mechanics

LithoBreak combines enjoyable gameplay moments, advanced science concepts, and a deep Sci-Fi verse.

Play with Science.