The Interlude expansion offers a variety of new challenges to players, including the new Primeval Isle, which is home to many new creatures making their first appearance in Lineage II. These include Wild Striders, Pachycephalosaurus and the deadly and powerful Tyrannosaurus Rex. Primeval Isle is a lush and beautiful zone, but in the tradition of Lineage II, offers tough tests and is not a zone for those unwilling to take on great challenges. Mastering the beasts on Primeval Isle will require strategy and teamwork from players and clan members.

Enhanced single-player elements such as the new dueling system will enable players to challenge friends to one-on-one fights or party-versus-party battles. By dueling, players can understand the nuances of their character better than they ever have before. In addition, there are no penalties for defeat in Lineage II's dueling system, so players are free to let loose and test their mettle.


  • # New Zone - Primeval Isle: Pterodactyls dominate the skies and vicious dinosaurs prowl the earth in a hunting ground for top-level players.

  • More weapon augmentations for incredible bonuses: With the help of a Blacksmith, players can receive even more spectacular bonuses to abilities, battle values, and skills.

  • Shadow Weapons: Weapons can be very expensive. Shadow Weapons look and behave like 'the real thing' but are cheap enough for new players to afford them. However, as shadows of real weapons, they will eventually wear out and disappear.

  • New Dueling system: PvP almost anywhere with no penalties. No need to go to an arena and for the first time - see your opponent's hit points!

  • Multiple New Skills: Over 60 new high level skills are added to the game, bringing new dynamics to PvP and PvE combat.

  • Multiple New Quests: Enter the mighty Siren's lair or capture a Tyrannosaurus for clan rewards - just two of the many new quests that will test the mettle of the most hardened players.