For generations the peaceful cats of Peng-Lai have lived on their mythical island in the China Sea, with many other animals. Kay is an energetic, youthful apprentice of martial arts, practicing at his masters Dojo. Under the command of the evil Emperor Shun, the mighty gorilla army attacked Kay's home, capturing many of the towns folk and holding them captivate. Narrowly evading capture himself, Kay sets out on a quest to rescue his fellow villagers. His amazing journey takes him across the vast island of Peng-Lai, gradually, unravelling an ancient mystery which surrounds Emperor Shun and his volcanic fortress...

Legend of Kay is a classic action/adventure platform game, mixed with role play elements and an advanced close combat fighting system. As the young cat embarks on his quest to save his village, he improves his fighting skills, acquires awesome new weapons and discovers incredible special powers and amazing secrets. Legend of Kay recreates the style, look and feel of classic martial arts movies, combined with game play and story appealing to players, both young and old.


  • Challenging martial arts fights with over 50 fighting moves and over 20 unique action moves.

  • 30 different enemies with outstanding animation and a multitude of movements and weapons.

  • Lush and highly detailed worlds: woods, swamps, caves, mountain tops, coastlines - all creating a living and breathing world.

  • Numerous huge bosses: Outstanding special effects and a huge presentation make every single boss fight an unforgettable experience