Maybe I haven't been looking hard enough but *FINALLY* a game that does 2 player (splitscreen) on a single console. It always seems to me, games makers assume that XBox owners are sad little creatures living in their parents basement and the only contact they have is via xbox live....Anyway I'm sure with that rant topic I could run and run. L4D is one of those games that is great single player, but oh SOOO much more fun multiplayer! Its a brilliant zombie arcade fest where you are forced to work as a team or die trying, final chapter fights are made or broken by how well team members work together to cover eachothers backs. I've played L4D2's first level and this looks as good as the original with some fun new weapons, and likely if you were to pick up either then you would want to go for the improved sequal. But if you find this one in a bargain bin you wont be dissapointed!