Your mother has disappeared and you are looking for her, taking her place as deputy mayor. You have to choose how the Island and its city will evolve, while searching for clues to find her.

Search for clues to find where your mom is and discover secret places

• Learn new crafts and unlock different technologies

Cook or go to the Gronks restaurant, and get bonuses when you eat varied

Explore and mine ores & stones to build constructions, furnitures and better tools

• Cut down and plant trees, flowers and plants that can be used to craft

• Create a friendship with villagers, or even more. Each villager has its own personality, that can evolve depending on what you do / say

• Help villagers to get trust, allowing you to add new constructions on the island

• Donate to the museum, go shopping and contribute to the city

Arrange and upgrade your house

• Add new constructions and arrange the Island

• Go to special events in the city