Korea: Forgotten Conflict is a tactical game taking place on the Korean Peninsula between 1950-53 during the conflict between North and South Korea. You will control five elite soldiers (ranger, sniper, sapper, medic, Korean). Each of these unit members will have their own specialization.

You will have to carefully plan the action and coordinate its execution for the successful completion of the 15 huge and various missions. You will be able to use authentic military equipment, which it will be possible to seize during the operations.


  • Comprehensive range of weather effects (including seasonal changes).

  • Free camera movement with zoom and smooth rotation.

  • Interactive environment including the ability of manipulation and destruction of objects.

  • FMV sequences which accentuate the game setting.

  • Highly detailed graphics including all building interiors, weapons and military facilities.

  • Access to more than 50 weapons.

  • Locations include: Streets of Seoul, factories, POW camp, airfield, monastery, etc.

  • Detailed dynamic shadows and lighting effects.

  • Planning of operatives available - possibility to pause and give orders to soldiers.

  • Massive levels!