In Kokoro Clover Part 1, the main character, Treffy, is transformed and danced around. Adventure while doing
The first "Kokoro Clover", a side-scrolling action game with scenario and stage selection. Bullets.

The game features Transformation, Assist, Dance and Collection.

Treffy, the spirit user, can "transform" himself with the help of his fellow spirits.
If you can successfully exploit the boss's weaknesses, you will be able to change your appearance but also change your attributes.
It can do a lot of damage.

You can summon (fellow spirits) to support you in "Assist".
You will also be able to summon defeated boss monsters.

You can dance the selected "dance" (unique motion) anywhere in the field at any time.
There's nothing like dancing, but it's fun to watch. That's all.

There is a treasure chest on the stage, and you can "collect" the stickers hidden in it.
You can see the collections you've collected in Library mode.

In the Story Mode, Treffy, a spirit user, obtains a mysterious clover and is able to use it to help him get to the next level. embark on a journey
The storyline is inspired by "a half hour of animation depicting the situation" (30 minutes).
You can also choose tutorial maps and boss battles.

In the Challenge Mode, you can select the stage where the boss will be waiting for you at the end of the game.
Defeating all bosses (including story mode bosses) and fighting bosses in succession is now prohibited. Let's.

The "Library" mode allows you to collect and manage the collections you've collected in each stage and the progress of the story. character and
You can see a description of the monster with a dot picture.

In "Password Mode", you can choose a pre-determined password to unlock special assists and dances. You can do this.
The password can be found at the end of the story mode and challenge mode.

Assists and dances that have not been unlocked while completing the story mode and challenge mode, and Collection.
Opening up is the way to play this game.
Kokoro Clover was created with the themes of "casual play" and "Japanese Sunday morning anime". I did.
Experience the lively and fun atmosphere of dot art.

Currently only Japanese is supported, but we are also considering English and Chinese language support.
The display and selection bugs will be resolved in an update by the time of delivery.